Are You Regular?

The Spring 2018 MTOA Meeting

When and where? 31st January, The Visitor Centre, Telford Park.

It is most certainly one of the issues for tree managers in these austere times, how often can I or should I inspect my trees?

At this seminar you will hear from a range of speakers on how they manage these demands and moreover, why. From legal precedent to legally defensible, are you regular enough?

Many MTOA’ers will have seen Greg and John at the NTOC and they were stand out speakers but these presentations build on the theme of the day. Richard represented the claimant in the Kavanagh case and has some very interesting perspectives into this case, worth the trip on its own. Simon will talk about the work volunteers can do to support the tree officers in building defensible regimes

All this for only £25.00, yes £25.00 for MTOA members. Non- members £75 (dependant on space availability) and it includes lunch! It is bookable in advance by contacting Jean McDermott on 0121 556 8302,  or

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