Executive Committee

Meet the MTOA’s Executive Officers, Board of Directors, Committee members and representatives.

If you are interested in taking an active role in the development and running of the MTOA, please contact the chair by e-mail.

If you wish to contact one of the MTOA Board of Directors, Committee members or representatives, please forward your enquiry to the secretary who will forward on your e-mail.

Chairman Matthew Seabrook Chairman@mtoa.co.uk
Vice Chairman vacant Vicechair@mtoa.co.uk
Treasurer John Blessington Treasurer@mtoa.co.uk
Secretary Dave Beadle Secretary@mtoa.co.uk
Axe Editor vacant Axe Editor@mtoa.co.uk
Web Moderator Moray Simpson Moderator@mtoa.co.uk


Board of Directors

  • Portia Howe (Lichfield District Council).
  • Steve Dores (South Staffordshire District Council).
  • Tim Weatherhill (Coventry City Council).
  • Andrew Shervill (Derby City Council).

National / International Affairs Committee Members

  • Steve Shields (Shropshire Council).

MTOA Working Group Representatives

  • Arboricultural  Liaison Group: – Tim Weatherhill (Coventry City Council).
  • Ancient Tree Forum: – Moray Simpson (Wardell Armstrong).
  • CAVAT Working Group: – Andy Allison (Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council)
  • Greater Yorkshire Tree Officer Group: -Tim Bryant (Doncaster).
  • Tree Council: – Matthew Seabrook
  • Trees Design Action Group: – Vacant.
  • Trees, People and the Built Environment Steering Group: – Matthew Seabrook (Telford and Wrekin Council).