Membership Benefits

What you get with membership of the MTOA

  • Opportunity to Join Working Parties to advance particular tree management issues in a robust way.
  • Invitation to Attend Quarterly Meetings/Seminars/Workshops where you will get updates on new initiatives, research programmes and legislative changes at substantial discount than to non-members.
  • Access to Developing New Initiatives from DCLG and other organisations – for the betterment and increased profiling of tree care.
  • Invitations to Attend Site Visits and special seminars/workshops as arranged throughout the year.
  • Through a single voice the MTOA strongly positions itself to liaise on behalf of its members with local authority chief officers, department heads and members, as well as external bodies such as central government, commercial organisations, research Institutes and the like. This results in the ability to influence tree related issues at a higher, more strategic and consistent level across the board.
  • Access to Technical Support through designated officers who are specialists in their various fields.
  • Full voting rights at MTOA Meetings and over issues of relevance to future tree management and strategic planning issues.
  • Through Membership to the Largest Regional Group of its Kind, each individual member will be contributing to a representative forum having a collective and strong voice, able to lobby for relevant industry issues, and which will provide additional resources, ways to achieve Best Practice, resolve issues and find solutions to tree related problems.
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD & SUPPORT YOUR INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS    –   JOIN HERE ! It is a simple process to request Membership of the MTOA.  You will be required to have a ‘.gov ‘ email address and be employed within the industry in a relevant capacity.Please complete the form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.